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Structural & Integrity Testing

At Lucideon, we test individual structural components or full scale mock-ups / simulations in our laboratories to ensure their structural and durability performance.

We apply static and dynamic loads on vertical or horizontal elements to either serviceability load or to system failure. And we assess the short-term effects of loading on the composite construction or the longer-term effects of dead and imposed loads.

Strain and movement can be monitored using deflection and strain gauges as well as digital image correlation (DIC) to allow the strain development within the sample to be mapped during the load application.

We also subject samples to extreme environmental conditions including heat, rain, freezing temperatures and wind-driven rain. Our experts test both components and full systems to current standards to ensure compliance with construction products regulations. And we also develop detailed test programs for anything that falls outside of recognized standards. This ensures that non-standard and standard systems are fit for use in the environment they are intended to be used.

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Customized Test Program for a Novel EWI System

The customized test program carried out by Lucideon enabled Mauer to achieve third party certification and for their product to enter the market quickly.

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