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Installation & Fabrication Trials

At Lucideon, we can verify installation and fabrication processes, and develop alternative techniques to optimize the use of energy, time or materials. 

A major cost associated with construction is installation: poor installation and fabrication can result in either failures during commissioning or during the working life of the building or in delays during construction.  These delays can have the knock on effect of delaying the next stage of the construction and ultimately can result in penalties for late completion.

Utilizing our large-scale testing capabilities to create real world conditions, our experts can work with you to ensure that your installation and fabrication processes are robust and that your desired results are achieved.

We can resolve interface issues during trials and identify, reduce and avoid potential safety risks to erectors and others by suggesting ways of re-engineering the access or processes.  These can be carried out at the manufacturing point, in a controlled laboratory environment mock-up facility, or during site installation.

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