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Concrete Testing

Concrete plays an important role in the construction industry; it is widely used in large infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, runways, dams and marine applications, and in the housing sector in large multi-storey developments, as well as two storey accommodations and at foundation level. Pre-cast concrete is used for small-scale individual components and in larger-scale construction projects as load bearing elements.

Lucideon provides testing and consultancy services throughout the production process, from in-situ use, failures and demolition through to recycling at the end of its life. Services include:

  • Analyzing the constituent materials that go into cements and concrete mixes to look for contaminants and to assess the appropriateness for use
  • Testing additives for conformance which enables the manufacturer to CE mark and test the adequacy of the finished product
  • Testing the physical characteristics of the finished component, i.e. bend, crush and tensile strengths and environmental conditions, e.g. air tightness, water tightness and durability
  • Testing load bearing structural panels to destruction
  • On-site testing of simulated wind loadings and vertical loading tests
  • Destructive and non-destructive testing of whole structures and components in-situ
  • Sample analysis for chemical attack
  • Forensically analyse concrete to establish likely failures as a result of contaminants, inadequate design or durability factors
  • Testing of concrete repair techniques and products to enable them to be CE marked or in-situ when applied to verify their performance

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