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CE Marking

When affixed to a construction product, the CE mark indicates compliance with the relevant EU legislation, therefore enabling unlimited movement within the European Economic Areas (EEA).

As of 01 July 2013, under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR)*, it became mandatory for manufacturers to apply CE marking to any of their construction products covered by a harmonised European standard (hEN) or product specific European Technical Assessment (ETA).

At Lucideon, we are able to test construction products to the relevant standards, thus enabling manufacturers to CE mark their products.

The Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance (AVCP)* table below outlines the tasks for each class of product and who is responsible for completing them - a Notified Body or the manufacturer, in order to affix a CE mark.  The AVCP levels are set by the European Commission and dependent upon the product and its applications, e.g. a safety critical product will require more work than a product for aesthetic purposes.

Systems of Assessment & Verification of Constancy of Performance:

Table: Systems of Assessment & Verification of Constancy of Performance

Lucideon is a Notified Testing Body for the following tests:

  • Metal anchors for use in concrete (heavy-duty mechanical fasteners)
  • Masonry and related products (in walls and partitions)
    • Tiles
    • Tension straps
    • Joist hangers
    • Lintels
    • Bed joint reinforcement
  • Suspended ceiling kits (internal and external)
  • Adhesives for tiles (internal and external).

The full product family, product/intended use, AVCP levels and technical specifications for the list above, can be found here.

Lucideon can provide independent testing for all levels of assessment, but as a Notified Body to AVCP Level 3 according to the schedule.  Construction products with an AVCP level of 2+ or 4 do not require testing by a Notified Body or external laboratory.  However, external laboratories are employed when a manufacturer is unable to conduct the necessary tests internally.  Lucideon is able to provide the following tests for AVCP 2+ and 4:

  • Timber to timber connectors
  • Timber frames
  • Nailing plates
  • Metal roof sheets
  • Composite roof sheets
  • Bar and brackets (spacers)
  • Structural flooring: tongue and groove
  • Sheathing boards
  • Insulation (material dependent)
  • Concrete repair mortars/compounds.

*As of 01 July 2013, the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) superseded the Construction Products Directive (CPD), and the Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance (AVCP) replaced the Attestation of Conformity (AC).

Lucideon, as a Notified Body, does not provide consultancy services for the design, manufacture, assembly or distribution of the construction products listed here, under the CPR.

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