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Advanced Materials Development

With new legislation requirements and the ever-increasing need to use sustainable or carbon friendly materials, Lucideon helps to develop, test and verify new materials. 

Whether you are using waste products to develop new materials or rethinking the use of existing materials, we provide support, usually via an initial technology options assessment followed by a feasibility study to prove the platform is viable.

Some of our technology platforms that could be potentially used in the construction industry:

MIDAR - this geopolymer technology enables immediate, tailored and extended development of enhanced properties such as strength or fire resistance, by manipulating the formulation of inorganic materials (e.g. silica).

iCRT - a controlled release technology that enables immediate, modified and extended release of formulations by manipulating the properties (e.g. porosity, solubility) of inorganic materials, e.g. silica.

Lucideon is ready to put these advanced technologies to use for you, whether it be for added-value applications or high-performance durability requirements.  These include novel materials for structural panels, flexible concrete or superinsulation and new applications like controlled release of substances for green-roofing or self-healing concrete.  Lucideon materials technologies open up a wide range of design possibilities.

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