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Structural Adequacy

The structural adequacy of a building or structure can be assessed by test or inspection. At Lucideon, we can conduct destructive tests until the specimen fails.

This type of testing provides an understanding of the performance or material behaviour under different loads and testing conditions, and is used across a wide range of materials and products, from ancillary components and flooring, through to cladding or roofing systems.

We can apply static and dynamic loads on vertical or horizontal elements to either serviceability load or to system failure, and can assess the short-term effects of loading on the composite construction or longer term effects of dead and imposed loads.

Strain and movement can be monitored using deflection and strain gauges as well as Digital Image Correlation (DIC) to allow the strain development within the sample to be mapped during the load application.

Our testing is carried out on a mock-up in the laboratory or on-site where the preferred route would be to take the system to serviceability limits which can be justified by either load or movement characteristics.

All testing is carried out to current European standards and in line with the requirements of Building Regulations.

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