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Maintenance Assessments

Does your installation have a requirement for maintenance schedules in order to keep manufacturer or installer guarantees in place, or to ensure that the building is working efficiently as a safe and economic environment?

We can carry out an initial condition assessment based on factors like age, materials and design.

If necessary, this can be used to provide a recommendation of in-situ sampling or testing to prove the actual environmental and structural condition of the building in order to create a priority maintenance schedule or to advise of retrofitting or refurbishment routes.

With older buildings maintenance tends to be reactive rather than proactive meaning that the failure has already occurred.

This failure can often have the greater implication of additional failures resulting from the first, shutdowns of equipment or areas, or can result in accidents and injuries to employees or the public.

Should failures occur at this stage, we can help to determine the root cause of the failure and work with you to prevent them from happening again.

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