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Litigation & Expert Witness

We can provide litigation and expert witness services should accidents occur during service of the building, or when there is failure within the structure and building envelope or superstructure due to poor specification.

We can identify whether the failure is due to poorly or wrongly specified materials, structural components, or poor installation.

Our expert witnesses will carry out an initial desk study to gather all relevant information of the initial specification and the failure. A site inspection will then be carried out to create a customized program so that the causes of any failures can be investigated. This may require sampling of the materials on-site or in-situ testing.

Our experts will analyze the samples in our UKAS-accredited test labs to allow comparison with the specified materials. Any structural assessment will be compared with the levels required for the building to comply with the original design and the actual requirements in accordance with current Eurocodes.

We supply the findings in a full report complying with the “Model Form of Experts Report”, required as standard judge friendly information. Effective input from one of our industry accepted expert witnesses can reduce the instances of full litigation, giving a quicker resolution and hence a major cost saving.

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