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Lucideon Publishes Guide for On-site Inspecting and Testing of Existing Buildings

Lucideon has released a new guidance document ‘Top Ten Tips for On-site Inspection & Testing of Existing Brickwork Buildings’.  The guide covers some of the most important points to consider when planning on-site inspection and testing programs.

Redeveloping existing buildings is an important and valuable operation to bring old buildings, often with historical significance, back into use.  Inspection and testing is crucial to ensure the safety and suitability for a change of use.  The data provided helps to inform the project as a whole and confirm that the building can be redeveloped to the highest standard.

Author of the guide, Dr Geoff Edgell, director and principal consultant for construction at Lucideon, said:

“On-site inspection and testing prior to the redevelopment of buildings can help to make certain the project is a success.  The planning that goes into the initial stages is vital, and so the more information you have, the better you can design and manage your project.

“The guide provides a step-by-step insight into the best approaches to planning your on-site investigations.  There are several key elements that need to be considered when developing these tests, not just so all bases are covered, but also to reduce the time and cost of the project.  Effective and efficient on-site testing should be at the heart of every good project.”

Lucideon provides on-site testing services to a wide range of construction sector clients, for redevelopment of historic buildings through to construction disputes on new builds.  Lucideon has dedicated, large-scale structural testing facilities in the UK and USA, and also offers its expertise and cutting edge analytical technologies for on-site testing.  Its expert scientists and engineers work to ensure minimal disruption to on-site activities while providing detailed, meaningful data and interpretation that provides real insight.

To download the on-site testing guide, please use the call out box to the right of the page.

14 June, 2017

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    Top Ten Tips for On-Site Inspection - Testing of Existing Brickwork Buildings
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