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Lucideon’s On-site Construction Services Continue to Expand

Lucideon continues to grow its on-site services for the construction industry.

On-site testing and consultancy services allow for informed choices to be made during any stage of a construction project, whether it is new build, refurbishment or infrastructure.  Lucideon's wide range of on-site capabilities allow for in-depth analysis to be performed to ensure that informed decisions are made, and that in-situ structures are fit for purpose.  Lucideon performs on-site testing on some of the largest construction projects in the UK, Europe and USA.

Dr Geoff Edgell, director and construction principal consultant at Lucideon, said:

"We’re continuing to expand the number of clients we work with and the areas in which we offer on-site testing.  As we continue to add value to new and re-development builds through on-site testing and analysis, the real benefit of this practice is becoming better understood, and more appreciated by our clients.

"When dealing with a large project, planning is key; our on-site testing is flexible and can be customized to fit alongside clients' programs.  On-site testing can cover a wide variety of applications, from design support and condition and performance testing and monitoring, to failure analysis and material, product and structural investigations and inspections.  The information provided from testing ensures that a build is optimized for longevity, efficiency and comfort, all of which add to the lifetime of a building, both for the structure and its inhabitants."

Lucideon provides materials development, consultancy and testing services to a wide range of industries.  Lucideon's construction services are well established within the UK and Europe, and the company has recently expanded its operations in the US.  In the UK, Lucideon's construction experts operate from a dedicated structural testing laboratory which has multi-storey capacity and dedicated test rigs to help its construction partners to improve the performance of their processes, materials, products, building and structures.

22 March, 2017

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