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Lucideon to Host ‘Routes to Market for Offsite and Modular Construction’ Webinar

Lucideon is hosting a free-to-attend webinar, ‘Routes to Market for Offsite and Modular Construction’ on Thursday 08 November 2018 at 15:00 UK Time (10:00 EST).

With the absence of recognized standards to ensure the performance of modular buildings, there are no clear routes to achieve end sign-off and handover.

The webinar will discuss various routes to market, including sampling relevant parts from Eurocodes and European Technical Assessments (ETAs), third party certification bodies, specialist test houses, and desk studies.

The options examined will be put into context with the proof of performance requirements from insurance bodies such as NHBC, Premier Guarantee and BOPAS.

Joanne Booth, the webinar presenter and business manager for construction at Lucideon, commented:

“With the increased demand for modular housing and offsite infrastructure, many of the products and systems developed to meet these requirements fall outside of current standards.

“In order to prove new designs, and establish their structural integrity and durability, customized testing programs often need to be designed. Testing provides manufacturers and end-users with confidence of product and system performance in-situ, and ensures a quality building is produced.”

As the recognized Center of Excellence for offsite construction testing, Lucideon’s large-scale structural testing laboratory, multiple environmental chambers and analytical testing laboratories enable the performance of individual components and full systems to be assessed and verified before going into service. In addition to laboratory-based performance testing, Lucideon also provides onsite testing and elemental analysis for products and systems.

Register to attend the free webinar here.

30 August, 2018

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