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Mary Beth Sprott

Expertise in: Analytical chemistry, thermal analysis, environmental analysis

Technical Sales Leader - US

Mary Beth's role involves management of our Internal Technical Sales team in the US, serving the Healthcare, Ceramics, Aerospace, Defense and Energy sectors. Mary Beth brings over 25 years of analytical chemistry experience to Lucideon.

Mary Beth Sprott

Prior to becoming Technical Sales Leader in the US, Mary Beth worked as a chemist at Lucideon's Schenectady, NY facility. Before joining Lucideon, Mary Beth spent 13 years working in the pulp and paper industry at Andritz Inc supporting R&D and commercial projects. Mary Beth has extensive knowledge in method development and with executing a number of industry standard test methods, such as ASTM, NCASI, NIST, IPC, TAPPI, SCAN, EPA, and ISO to analyze materials such as metals, composites, ceramics, organics, polymers and coatings to determine composition, structure and properties. She holds a Neuroscience Degree.

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