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Lucideon Testing Ensures Safety of Hospital Balustrades

One of the largest hospitals in the North West of England had a large number of balustrades still in place from the original installation in 1950.

The Challenge

A survey of all the existing balustrades was required in order to ensure that they compliant with current building regulations and were safe for public access.

What We Delivered

Lucideon conducted an initial investigation in order to assess the sections of balustrade that appeared to be the most unsafe. These were noted and a minimum of four balustrade lengths were tested per floor over the extent of the 5 storey building.

Each balustrade was tested under simulated crowd loadings in accordance with the relevant standard (BS 6180) with the maximum deflection limit set at 25mm. A number of balustrades were found to exceed the deflection limit at the working load.

Value to the Client

To ensure the safety of the public, patients and staff, the defective balustrades and surrounding areas were temporarily closed off whilst the hospital commissioned replacement balustrade systems.


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