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Safety Aspects

At Lucideon, our experts provide surveys and testing programs to ensure live buildings are safe for public use.

Although standards and building regulations ensure certain levels of performance for systems or products used in construction, long-term use or poor installation can have detrimental effects on performance.

Failure in use can lead to long-term litigation battles to discover the cause and to proportion blame in order to pass on any associated costs.  These can be for damages to persons, replacement installations, repairs or refurbishment.  And while this fault-finding process is taking place, areas of buildings or whole buildings can be isolated from use causing potentially major problems, particularly when associated with areas of high use such as schools, hospitals or shopping precincts.

They also act as proof to validate public insurance policies held for the facilities management stock.

We customize our programs to suit your requirements but such programs can include slip/skid testing of floors, balustrade stability, cladding integrity and structural connections assessments.

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