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Safety Aspects

In order to ensure live buildings are safe for public use, our experts can provide you with both surveys and testing programs.

Although certain levels of performance for systems and construction products are covered within the building regulations and standards, long-term use and poor installation can have a detrimental impact on a buildings performance.

When failure occurs in use, it can lead to lengthy litigation proceedings and disputes with regards apportioning responsibility and associated costs. Such costs can include damage to persons, replacement installations, repairs or refurbishment. The process of determining the cause of the failure can also have larger implications on high use areas such as schools, hospitals and shopping precincts; this is due to the building being deemed not fit for use.

Safety testing and surveys can also be used as proof to validate public insurance policies relating to facilities management stock.

We can devise customized programs to meet specific requirements such as:

  • Slip and skid testing on floors
  • Balustrade stability testing
  • Determination of cladding integrity
  • The assessment of structural connections.

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