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Laboratory Testing

We test individual structural components or full scale mock-ups / simulations in our laboratories to ensure their fitness for structural and durability performance. Ensuring that the building stock complies with all regulations also reduces the risk of system failures and possible associated litigation costs.

This ensures that non-standard and standard systems are fit for use in the environment they are intended to be used in.

In our UKAS-accredited laboratories we test for physical, material and structural properties, providing a full consultancy report if required, which establishes the characteristics of your components/structures and will define their suitability for use in their current environment or applicability for their new environment.

The testing we do is carried out in accordance with current building regulations and European standards and norms. Complying with current building regulations will help to ensure that the building stock is performing at the highest thermal and economically efficient levels, helping to optimize both energy and maintenance costs.

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