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Site Investigations

To complement our laboratory testing, which is used to ensure a product or system can satisfy the design criteria, we also perform onsite testing.

When looking to prove the in-situ performance of unknown construction types during change of use and to verify installation workmanship, onsite testing is critical.

Our experts can determine material properties and the structural integrity of walls, floors, roofs and structural elements through the use of site investigations. Similarly, in-situ failures relating to building superstructure and finishes can also be assessed.

We can employ a range of testing techniques such as non-destructive visual surveys and destructive sampling and testing, to determine the suitability of materials or adequacy of installation. Sampling can be carried out onsite and taken to our laboratories to evaluate material properties and chemical composition.

Our experts can create a customized work program based on the objectives outlined in the site investigation. The work program can be utilized to replicate in-situ loading scenarios or environmental factors and includes testing methods such as:

  • Wind loadings acting on vertical elements and roofs
  • Imposed floor loadings
  • Water penetration
  • Acoustic performance
  • Thermal performance.

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