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Failure Investigations

Onsite failures can occur during the construction phase or during the design life of a building. The failure of materials, structures and structural elements can be both disastrous and costly.

Our experts can collaborate with you to determine the root cause of the failure to avoid reoccurrence.

Initially, we will carry out a desk study to determine whether the failure can be attributed to the original specification or a product failure. If the desk study results show that the failure is due to poor workmanship or installation, we will carry out a more intrusive set of investigations which usually includes a site visit, onsite sampling and laboratory testing.

Often, failures ensue when the specified materials are not used and cheaper, alternative products are sourced. In this instance, we would carry out sampling and chemical testing of the alternative materials in order to benchmark them against the specified materials.

Our experts will usually carry out a visual assessment onsite before developing a suitable work program. Actions within a work plan can include sampling for laboratory testing, destructive testing and onsite non-destructive testing techniques. The resultant information can be analyzed to determine the cause of a material or structural failure. This in turn can lead to the development of a method to mitigate or correct the failure.

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