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Validation by Testing

At Lucideon we help you to prove that the structural performance of your products and systems is both sound and optimized so that you can minimize costs and protect against future failures and liabilities.

Structural performance can be calculated from current applicable Eurocodes codes; however, the answers given can often be very conservative and indeed more conservative than the previous European and British Standards.

These lower bound values can lead to increased section sizes or heftier components being used in the building design.  These may often not be necessary: all that they result in is increased building costs.

Testing gives a more rounded and detailed analysis of structural performance.  Our experts build and test mock-ups in our laboratories or carry out testing on-site.  We also put together customized testing programs.

Testing may show a higher load performance value or conversely may prove that the system is inadequate.  Our data and analysis will help you to design structures that are fit for purpose, giving protection against future failures and liabilities.  This validation can also lead to a quick sign-off from a system guarantor, such as LABC.

We also test the performance of composite systems.  Although performance of known materials due to environmental factors is well documented, performance of the composite system, which can incorporate many varied material interfaces, has often not been proved through testing.

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