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Sampling & Laboratory Testing

Our experts can sample all materials on-site; these can be structural elements or facing materials such as masonry, concrete, timber, stone and membranes.

We match the sampling technique to the material, taking care not to affect the structural integrity of any element.

We remove samples of concrete or masonry using core rigs and mechanical saws, ensuring that no structural reinforcing or load bearing path is adversely affected. For timber and steel we use mechanical and hand tools, again to avoid reducing the capacity of the load bearing element.

Some materials can be tested in-situ, for example concrete can be tested for chlorides and carbonation levels with minimal interruption on-site.

Once removed, samples are taken back to our UKAS-accredited laboratory and tested for physical, material and structural properties. We then provide a full consultancy report, establishing characteristics of the materials and defining their suitability for use in their current environment or applicability for their new environment.

We provide all our own site access equipment, services and CSCS compliant engineers to reduce the requirement for supervision from site engineers.

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