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Repairs Validation

Our experts can assess the suitability of materials for repairs to historic buildings or structural elements. 

We will analyze, on-site or in our laboratories, durability aspects and the structural performance enhancing capacity of materials to verify that they are performing as required.

When repairing older buildings the aesthetic look of the material does need to match the original; our analysis can ensure that the new material has similar properties to ensure compatibility of the repair interface.

Our experts will also check that longer term damage does not occur when the repair is subject to differential movements, imposed loadings or weathering effects.

A lot of Lucideon's work involves checking that floors and walls have been stabilized correctly against future movement, or improving the load-bearing capacity for a change of use.

We can also verify that components that are used in repair, such as carbon fibre plates or retrofitted ties & straps, are fit for purpose.

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