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Characterization of Materials

Understanding your materials is critical to ensure they meet specifications, are performing optimally and are not hazardous.

Our analysis can support your materials sourcing and the development of new materials, as well as confirming that materials in use are fit for purpose and meet specifications during the original build.

Thanks to our comprehensive suite of analytical capabilities, we provide qualitative, quantitative and visual data to support your construction design.

We carry out on-site sampling to establish the physical properties of construction materials, such as compressive strength, water absorption, modulus of rupture and durability properties.  Back in our laboratories, we use a range of techniques, including XRF, XRD and ToFSIMS, to give elemental content and characterization, or mineralogical phases.

For older constructions our data and analysis can be used to ensure that there are no hazardous materials present in the fabric of the building which could be reportable under current Health and Safety Regulations and require special treatment before accessing.  For new materials that are being developed our characterization services provide all the data needed for technical specifications.  This data can also be used to benchmark the new materials against other similar materials.

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