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Concrete Repair Agent Testing

Damage to concrete can occur in many ways, either through mechanical damage; impact, overloading and vibrations, or through chemical processes from external factors; exposure to sulfates, chlorides or freeze-thaw, or internal factors; inadequate/poorly designed cover or polluted constituents which can lead to corrosion of the reinforcements.

There are many repair techniques to deal with each of these. We can test the product in the laboratory to help manufacturers gain the correct accreditation, or we can test the repaired product in situ to verify the technique is successful.

There are a number of standards covering the repair techniques which are captured under the BS EN 1504 series of tests. This is a harmonised European Standard and hence all products covered by these standards will require testing in order to CE mark.

EN 1504 – 2  Surface protection products and systems
EN 1504 – 3 Structural and non-structural repair with replacement concrete or mortars, etc.
EN 1504 – 4 Structural bonding and strengthening applications
EN 1504 – 5 Concrete injection with resins or other sealing or bonding materials
EN 1504 – 6 Anchoring of reinforcing steel bars with resin adhesives
EN 1504 – 7 Exposed and embedded steel reinforcement corrosion protection

Lucideon has a wide range of testing techniques associated with the standards which include durability, thermal cycling, crack opening, shrinkage, expansion and strength testing.

Our engineers can conduct on-site visits to collect concrete core samples and make visual inspections to understand the nature of the problem(s) and then utilize laboratory-based techniques to assess sulfate and carbonation levels within the concrete. We can assess the extent of any mechanical damage and corrosion of the rebars in order to advise on appropriate repair methods. Other techniques include half-cell potential and petrographic examination.

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