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Low Waste, High Efficiency Drying

Drying materials prior to processing often involves heat for quickness.  This practice can sometimes be destructive and affect the manufacturing processes and finished products.

In industry, drying is often not reviewed as to its effectiveness, efficiency and cost.  We have used our materials expertise, cross-industry knowledge and extensive capabilities to develop an operational consultancy package which:

  • Assesses and reviews current practices (to gain a thorough understanding of clients’ needs)
  • Compares alternative drying technologies appropriate to the process
  • Benchmarks experiments
  • Provides a report and recommendations.

We can apply the assessment to any industry that uses drying as part of the manufacturing process, including ceramics, refractories, pharmaceutical, construction products and minerals.

A more controlled and homogeneous drying process can reduce energy and defects whilst increasing overall productivity - not just throughput but also on a working capital basis.

We have found that the drying process is rarely appraised, but can significantly impact upon manufacturing performance.

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  • White Paper

    Drying Processes - the Balance Between Efficiency and Product Quality
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  • White Paper

    The Value of Drying - Choosing the Right Equipment and Methods
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