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Information Services

With many years' experience working with the ceramics sector, Lucideon has amassed an extensive collection of knowledge, technical information and expertise.

Lucideon's Information Services team has built a comprehensive database of information covering all aspects of ceramic materials, processing, properties and applications. This bibliographic database currently contains over 225,000 detailed abstracts of published technical information by researchers, organizations and companies from around the world. A literature search will quickly identify who is doing what research or what has been published on a particular topic.

Related services include technical alerts, a service which keeps you up-to-date on the latest developments or trends in your chosen areas of interest. Specialized bulletins keep you informed of forthcoming changes in legislation or regulations applicable to the ceramics industry.

  • Are you looking for information on ceramic materials, their manufacture, properties and processing?
  • Do you need to know how a ceramic performs in an industry setting or application, its properties, advantages or limitations?
  • Are you looking for the latest market trends in the traditional ceramics sector?

These are all questions we can help with.

Access to our Information Services is a major benefit of a Technology Partnership. Find out more here.

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