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Materials Selection / Development

Through our innovative and unique skillset within the ceramics industry we can quickly turn your ideas into a tangible market-ready reality.

Do you want your material to have that vital competitive edge?  Our experts work with you at all stages:

  • Selection and formulation of new materials or coatings
  • Design, development and evaluation of novel materials
  • Evaluation of performance though specialized testing and characterization
  • Cost reduction
  • Sustainability and yield improvement
  • Discovering a new application for your material
  • Optimizing your existing material so that it can perform better and be smarter.

Our wide range of cross industry capabilities such as our pilot scale facilities, state-of-the-art analytical techniques and rational materials selection tools allow us to move development from the lab to pilot scale quickly and cost effectively.

With challenges in sustainability, improved performance and competition in the marketplace why not consider reformulation and addition of functionality to existing products by using our materials development services?  Are you ready to take the next step in your breakthrough?

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