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Functional Performance

Our experts can measure the functional performance of your coating, helping you to optimize its performance, develop new coatings and solve any issues that occur.

Properties that coatings can impart to a product are:
Temperature resistance, colour fastness, wear resistance, conductivity, anti-bacterial activity to name a few.  But how do you know how your chosen coating performs with respect to specific functions?

At Lucideon we can measure the functional performance of many coatings by either direct or indirect measurement of the desired parameter, for example, measurement of heat resistance by heating samples through a set heating/cooling regime and measuring the results, or by measuring the chemical and mineralogical composition to indicate if a material will be heat resistant.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art capabilities, we can provide you with data and visuals to show if the surface has changed mechanically or chemically.  Our cGMP laboratories can provide analysis of antibacterial performance, helping you to prove that your product has the required properties.

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