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Coating Characterization

At Lucideon we can characterize the coatings you use, helping you to understand how their properties, and the environment they’re used in, affect performance.

Whether you are applying your coating for aesthetical, performance or protective purposes, each application has its own requirements dependent upon many factors, such as the substrate that the coating is applied to.

The characterization of coatings is as varied as the large number of coatings available, however because many coatings are, by their very nature, thin, they present difficulties in the methods used to characterize or analyze them.

At Lucideon, with our world-leading advanced surface science and analytical laboratories, our experts can help you to understand the properties of your coating and also what is happening at the interface of your coating and the surface it is adhered to.

Physical properties of coatings, such as heat resistance, can often be measured by direct testing of the coating and substrate under the desired conditions (e.g elevated temperatures) to see if problems occur.  This type of testing can be conducted in a cyclic manner to indicate durability in a process.

Images of surfaces, phase boundaries, chemical mapping and faults can also be provided by our surface science experts.

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