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Our Team

Meet some of the members of the Ceramic Additive Manufacturing team below. Experts in our field, we look forward to helping you solve your Additive Manufacturing challenges.

Dr. Aminat Bolarinwa: Senior Materials EngineerDr Aminat Bolarinwa

I am the technical manager for the Ceramic Additive Manufacturing team. I am responsible for the company funded pool research (CFPR) project looking at producing pieces via robocasting - a form of additive manufacturing. I also manage the CerAMake Innovate UK public project, looking at the use of binder jetting technology to print pieces from advanced and traditional ceramics.

Dr. Phil Jackson, Technical ManagerDr Phil Jackson

Hi, I'm Phil and I support the team by advising on how to control powder size and shape for AM processing. Where a fluid powder suspension is needed as part of the AM process, I can help with optimizing rheology.

Stuart MacLachlan: Head of R&DStuart MacLachlan

Additive manufacturing is a fast developing area for ceramics; I keep a watching brief on the technology and work with companies and universities to advance innovations.

Sherry Ghanizadeh: Materials ScientistSherry Ghanizadeh

Hi, My name is Sherry and I am ceramicist and I help the team making sure the 3d printed parts meets the manufacturing performance via characterizing them.

Ian Campbell: Senior ScientistIan Campbell

My name is Ian Campbell, with a background in ceramic manufacturing processes and materials development, my role is to support the Additive Manufacturing team with materials selection, characterization, preparation and process development to help the progress of the Additive Manufacturing work we do.

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