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Client Testimonial - Ceramic Whitewares Training

“We had identified the need to train our ceramic production staff and the production management team to improve their basic understanding of ceramics.

We chose Lucideon to develop a custom training program, using their existing whitewares program as the starting point. This already impressive content was customized to meet our specific needs. And Lucideon was happy to conduct the training on our time schedule.

I worked with Caroline Mullington and Nigel Leak to adjust the content to fit our process. Each of the 8 training modules were prepared by Lucideon and then reviewed together. Some of the content was adjusted and fine-tuned to better suit our needs and focus on the critical aspects of our process. Lucideon included content and pictures provided by us so that our staff could easily identify with the training content. Training notes for each session were well prepared.

Each 2 hour module was delivered online in a live setting. During the sessions Nigel kept the audience engaged and was happy to answer questions to clarify. All participants gave very positive feedback about the effectiveness of the training and walked away with a deeper knowledge of the ceramic processes they are involved in every day.

I highly recommend utilizing Lucideon's standard or customized training programs. The Lucideon team has done an outstanding job in delivering exactly what we needed."

Bernhard Kerschbaum
Chief Executive Officer, Rosler Metal Finishing USA, LLC

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