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L14 - Introduction to Sanitaryware

Wednesday 24 August 2022

A technical overview of the sanitaryware manufacturing processes (from raw materials through to the finished product). The main focus will be on the major product type (vitreous china), although the differences between that and fireclay types will be outlined.

This module explains:

  • The types of raw materials used and how they are combined into production bodies
  • The production of plaster moulds and how these are used in slip casting
  • The principles of the slip casting processes used in manufacturing sanitaryware
  • Drying processes in production use
  • The composition and application of glazes to products
  • The firing process and types of kilns in use
  • Control tests for production and product quality.

Who should attend?

This module is for persons who need to understand the technical requirements of sanitaryware manufacturing. It is suitable for quality control personnel, Trainee Production Managers, Technical Managers and Outsourcing.

Note: No practical session is included in this module.

For more information on this course, please contact Caroline Mullington, Technology Partnership Manager on +44 (0)1782 764422 or

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