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MIDAR is the proprietary name for Lucideon's geopolymer technologies. Our geopolymers are produced at relatively low temperatures (ambient to a few hundred degrees) and have a wide variety of potential applications.

MIDAR can be used as a new or replacement material for applications such as:

  • Concrete – structures, bricks, blocks, joists, flooring, airstrips
  • Cement – mortar, nuclear and toxic waste containment, repair grouts, boarding
  • Insulation – foams and fire resistant materials
  • Ceramics – tiles and refractories
  • Composites – fire resistant composites (aerospace and automotive), structural composites.

The benefits of using MIDAR instead of traditional materials are:

  • Inexpensive raw materials
  • Low temperature reaction (no sintering)
  • Adaptable properties such as density, strength, setting time depending on application needs
  • Heat and chemically resistant material
  • Low CO2 emissions during production
  • Zero OPC formula
  • High oil and water absorption capacity.

Lucideon develop MIDAR technologies to meet the needs of your specifications, so if you need for example, a high density hard wearing flooring material or a toxic waste containment material can develop it, scale up production and deploy the new technology in your production facilities for you.

Examples of our previously developed MIDAR technology applications are:

  • Waste encapsulation
  • Oil absorption media
  • Structural boarding systems
  • Insulation and heat resistant materials
  • Airstrip materials.

If you would like to learn more about Lucideon’s MIDAR technologies and how they can help you please contact us on +44 (0)1782 764428 or

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