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Tableware Manufacturing Process Optimization

At Lucideon we help tableware manufacturers to improve yields, minimize waste and reduce costs by optimizing the manufacturing process. Whether it's making improvements to the processing line you currently have, installing a new one, or looking at a new technology, we can help.

Where do we start? Our experts will conduct a thorough analysis of your current processing procedures to identify areas where improvements can be made. We may also suggest that new processing methods could work better for you; we'll work with you to decide which methods and/or new processing technologies best fit what you are trying to achieve.

We don't just come in with recommendations though, we work with you throughout every stage to ensure that everything is working correctly and optimally. We can test processes in our lab and pilot-scale facilities to ensure that everything is in order before moving onto the factory floor. And, once the new or modified process is in place, we'll be on hand, should any difficulties arise.

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