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Failure Analysis - Sanitaryware

There are certainly challenges to producing sanitaryware, from distortion, pinholing and crawling problems, to issues with mould breakage and slip leakage.

No manufacturer wants to experience a line shutdown, which, of course, leads to reduced yields and increased costs.  At Lucideon, we'll help you to solve the challenges you come up against, quickly and effectively.

We'll look at all stages of your sanitaryware production process, verifying and characterizing the raw materials you use, checking the slip rheology, ensuring that moulds don't break, right through to looking at the drying and firing processes.

Our Ceramic Processes team is headed up by Andy Perry, who has considerable experience in the sanitaryware industry, having managed plants throughout Europe.  Andy's role included improving the ceramic process, with improvements in stability & benchmarking allowing plants to perform at improved efficiencies.  He also led a project to develop a new sanitaryware body which was stronger than any other on the market, to allow a new range of thin products to be developed.

Our failure analysis and root cause investigation services include:

  • Pinholing investigation
  • Characterization of surfaces, glazes and coatings
  • Identifying process issues, from drying and firing to forming and sintering
  • Investigating why moulds are breaking
  • Investigation of slip instability and optimization of the slip – ensuring it meets rigid, rheological and physical property standards
  • Accelerated performance testing to predict failures
  • Identifying why excessive shrinkage or warpage is happening once dried or fired
  • Optimization of body fluxes and additives
  • Contamination identification
  • Diagnosis of casting problems
  • 3D-Strain – digital imaging technologies to characterize strains during testing.

With our extensive experience in the sanitaryware industry, you can rely on our technical experts to get to the bottom of your challenges, such as decreased yield and failures, and to help you optimize your current products and processes and develop those of the future.

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