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Refractory Services - Iron & Steel Industry

The iron and steel industry is the largest consumer of refractory materials worldwide, accounting for around two thirds of refractory usage.  From primary to secondary steel making processes a diversity of vessels exist for the major units, such as the blast furnace and electric arc furnace and the more maintenance-intensive components, such as launders, tapholes and submerged entry nozzles.

It is vitally important to builders and operators involved in primary and secondary steelmaking to gain the following:

  • Trouble-free unit commissioning
  • Long-term refractory lining stability
  • Optimum operation between planned shutdowns
  • Data for finite element modelling of vessel linings
  • Accelerated design improvement
  • Refractories support.

Lucideon offers the following services to the iron and steel industry:

  • Assessment of proposed lining materials
  • Production of data for finite element analysis modelling
  • Optimal design assessment by finite element analysis
  • Assessment of ex-service materials to determine deterioration mechanisms
  • Independent inspections of deteriorated linings
  • Refractories training for site employees
  • Refractories support.

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