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Refractory Services - Cement Industry

Pressures to drive down energy and production costs and to make use of more sustainable fuel sources place an increasing importance on the selection of the appropriate refractories and the extension of the lifetime of kiln linings particularly in the cement industry where the use of alternative and multi-fuels is growing in popularity.

Lucideon's team of refractory specialists can investigate specific kiln and materials issues as they arise, or work strategically alongside clients in a planned programme to identify potential improvements and to avoid future problems.

We have expertise in these areas:

  • Failure investigation of linings and causal analysis
  • Independent inspection assistance during planned downtime
  • Post mortem analysis of refractories from service
  • Refractory improvement plans and selection programmes – materials from various manufacturers can be assessed and compared using a suite of tests typical of service conditions
  • Measurement of thermomechanical data for use in mathematical modelling of kilns - this gives the opportunity to explore potential improvements to design within furnaces and assesses thermal and mechanical profiles
  • Auditing of refractory use – for streamlining of refractory operations across a number of plants
  • Refractories training – both at Lucideon or at the customer’s site.

Impact of New Fuels on Furnace Performance/Lifetime

As companies seek to make use of bio-fuels and waste streams, refractory lining systems are exposed to combustion products not previously encountered and problems may arise with chemical attack of the refractory and anchor systems.

Our refractory experts offer accelerated gas corrosion testing of refractories and anchor systems at elevated temperatures to simulate service conditions.  Subsequent analyses (using XRF, XRD, and SEM) and interpretation of the materials can then provide information on the mechanism of attack which in turn allows optimization of lining and anchor systems.

Working with the team at Lucideon can help you to achieve:

  • Longer campaign lives
  • Reduced risk of unexpected lining failure and unscheduled down-time
  • Lining configurations for flexible fuel use and improved environmental performance.

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