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With extensive experience in the field of refractories, Lucideon provides a unique combination of materials testing and consultancy to clients worldwide.

Meet Our Ceramics Team:

» 300+ Years' Experience Between Them!

Our experts work with clients from a range of high temperature industries – glass, petrochemical, iron / steel, cement and enviro / energy – and include:

  • Manufacturers of refractories
  • Clients who use refractories in high temperature processes
  • Refractory installers
  • Original equipment manufacturers
  • Insurers and loss adjusters
  • Health and safety providers
  • Commercial and legal enterprises.

Refractory Materials Testing

Lucideon offers a full range of physical, chemical, mineralogical and thermomechanical testing to both national and international standards. Whether for quality control or failure analysis, refractories testing ensures efficient use and consistent products. Our laboratory is UKAS-accredited (UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 0013) for the large majority of tests.

Refractories Consultancy

From raw material evaluation, refractory design and installation guidance to failure investigations, refractories analysis and technical advice, we work with clients to optimize performance, improve processes, rectify failures and provide solutions.

Refractories Training

From raw material selection to the wrecking and repair of furnaces, Lucideon provides a range of refractory-related training courses, both general, introductory courses and company-customized ones. Courses can be held at Lucideon or onsite as required.

» Click here for the refractories training schedule

Our refractories engineers and consultants work with clients to achieve improved profitability through:

  • Manufacturing and quality improvements
  • Extended refractories campaign life
  • Analysis and rectification of refractory failures
  • Refractories quality audits, specification and design criteria.

Lucideon offers a legal and Expert Witness service for cases across a range of industrial uses of refractories.

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    Ten Top Tips for Refractory Installation - Get it Right First Time!
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