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Advanced Ceramics - Key Materials for Industry Innovations

Wednesday 22 March 2023, 9:30 - 13:00 at Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce

Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce and Lucideon are hosting 'Advanced Ceramics - Key Materials for Industry Innovations', a half-day event showcasing how advanced ceramics can improve manufacturing processes and product performance.

Traditionally, ceramics such as tableware and tiles are associated with fragility and brittleness. This perception often hinders other industries from considering ceramics as a material to solve technology hurdles. Advanced ceramics are key materials that often support other sectors to achieve technical advancements, operate beyond existing limits, and withstand extreme conditions.

Benefits of advanced ceramics:

  • highly wear and corrosion resistant for processes that involve abrasive or corrosive environments, e.g. pumps and pistons
  • low thermal expansion for processes that involve thermal cycling, e.g. heat treating and welding
  • high strength and hardness for processes that involve high compressive stresses and loads, e.g. stamping, forging, and forming

The event will include case studies, networking opportunities, and funding opportunities, and provide the space to facilitate the exploration of new ideas, cross-fertilisation, and future follow up feasibility activities.


09:30 Registration, Coffee, and Networking
10:00 Welcome
10:15 Advanced Ceramics in the Midlands Cathryn Hickey, Chief Executive, AMRICC
10:30 Case Studies
Ceramics in Fluid Control Systems
Lucian Falticeanu, Director of Technology, Precision Ceramics
Ceramic-Matrix Composites
Enya Collier, Product Marketing Manager - Aerospace, Lucideon
Presentation title TBC
Claire Dancer, Reader, WMG, University of Warwick
11:50 Funding Opportunities
Spark Awards
Gilda Gasparini, SIPF Programme Manager, Lucideon
Government Support for Innovation
Neelam Mughal, Knowledge Transfer Manager - Advanced Materials, Innovate UK KTN
12:30 Lunch and Networking

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