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Below is a list of recent and forthcoming events at Lucideon, as well as conferences and other events that we have attended or will be attending.

Date                                 Event
1–3 May 2018 Ceramics Expo (Cleveland, Ohio)
We'll be exhibiting at this event for advanced ceramic materials and technologies. To find out more please click here
11 April 2018 Ceramic Innovation Network (CIN) Event - Ceramics in Society: Demanding Environments (Lucideon HQ, Stoke-on-Trent)
We're hosting and cosponsoring the free-to-attend event with the British Ceramic Confederation (BCC). The event will bring together academics and industrialists from all sub-sectors of the ceramic industry seeking to improve their knowledge of the potential applications of ceramics across a range of demanding environments. To find out more please click here
19–22 March 2018 Innovate UK Global Expert Mission - Advanced Materials in South Korea
Tony Kinsella, CEO, joined other innovative companies to discuss advanced materials and collaboration in South Korea.
12–13 March 2018 Materials Research Exchange (London)
We exhibited at this event which showcased the richness of UK materials research and innovation. To find out more please click here
6–8 March 2018 JEC World 2018 (Paris)
We showcased our offerings around composites at the Department for International Trade (DIT) UK Pavilion at JEC World 2018. To find out more please click here
8 February 2018 Webinar: Ceramic Forming Techniques
A wide range of techniques are employed to form ceramic components, with each technique having specific advantages and disadvantages.  In this webinar, Richard White discusses these techniques, and how and why they are chosen, with regards to advanced ceramics.  To see the webinar recording please click here
7 December 2017 Webinar: Reducing Pinholes - Eliminating Contamination at Source
In this webinar, Andrew Perry, Group Ceramic Processes Leader at Lucideon, discusses the key aspects of air entrapment in casting slips and, using case studies, discusses the methods used to eliminate contamination at source, thereby minimising pinhole faults. To see the webinar recording please click here