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Innovation is central to what we do.

Whether it's developing disruptive technologies or helping you to implement your technologies, we're here to help.

Sealing Glasses

To get a perfect hermetic seal that’s vital for the function of your electronic components you must first think about what’s holding them together.  Glass for electronic components can be formulated from hundreds of different compositions, so what would constitute the perfect mix?

The answer to this question for us is, ‘tailored to your material, needs and cost factors’.  To achieve that perfect balance of cohesion and adhesion forces between your components and the glass is fundamentally chemical; our experts combine specialist chemical knowledge with their industry leading expertise to find the chemistry that will form a tight bond, reduce product failures and test if it’s viable for upscale.

Our innovative way of thinking and world class facilities provides a platform for new ways of formulation, trial batches, consultation for upscale all the way through to implementation of a market ready and trust worthy sealing glasses.

So if you’re asking what the next step is to reduce failures in components or develop a new composite glass or how to scale up your prototype why not get in touch with our experts.

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