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Materials Characterization - Advanced & Technical Ceramics

Characterizing the raw materials you use to produce engineered ceramics, such as alumina, ZTA and zirconia, ensures they are fit for purpose and won’t cause product failures or aesthetic issues that would make a product unfit for sale.

Problems can originate from contamination, bad material combinations or poorly processed raw materials that have either out-of-specification (high) levels of undesirable elements or compounds present which can then cause issues such as colour changes upon firing.

From our ISO 17025 accredited laboratories, our experts can help you to understand your raw materials by using chemical, physical and microstructural testing to characterize them. 

Raw materials can be characterized by their physical attributes or performance, such as glass phase transition temperature, porosity or bulk density and such characteristics can be affected by the microstructure of a material.  This combination of physical and microstructural information is a powerful tool in understanding, and altering, a materials performance thus ensuring problems are less likely to occur.

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