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Manufacturing Process Optimization - Advanced & Technical Ceramics

At Lucideon, we're not just experts in materials, we are experts in processes too, working with manufacturers to optimize their processes to improve yields and reduce costs and waste.

Whether it's forming, drying, sintering or evaluation, we can help you to make sure your processes are the best they can be.

As the former British Ceramics Research Association, there's not much we don't know about making ceramics - both technical and traditional ceramics.

We've been instrumental in developing and optimizing a number of processing techniques and methods, and we continue to look for the next generation of processing technologies to ensure that we, and you, stay at the forefront of R&D.

Whether your objective is to increase yields, minimize waste, reduce cost or you want to introduce a new processing line or investigate a new processing technology, we can help.

We'll usually start with a thorough analysis of your current processing steps and then feedback with areas that we think could be improved upon.

We don't stop there though, we provide guidelines on how to make the required changes and support once the changes have been made to ensure that all processes are working efficiently.

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