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Innovation - Advanced & Technical Ceramics

From powder and materials development, to process improvement and quality control, we help you develop the ceramic composites of the future.

Ceramic composites are made via various fabrication techniques including traditional ceramic fabrication methods, such as forming the composite from powdered matrix materials and reinforcements by processing at high temperatures to bond the phases together.

These type of fabrication methods are employed for composites reinforced with particulates or short fibers.  However, sintering fabrication methods can cause physical and chemical damage to longer fibrer reinforcements and so are not generally used for such components.

We can work with you to: 

  • Evaluate and optimize starting powder, raw-materials and fiber characteristics and assess their impact on the fabrication of ceramic composites.  This will enable the production of innovative, high performance components  
  • Improve fabrication processes, including forming and sintering to increase yields and improve efficiency
  • Design quality control measures and performance criteria to produce innovative products and processes.


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