Verified Assurance Marks & Their Usage

Additional information about the various assurance marks and usage guidelines for them.

Do you report your carbon emissions under the CRCEES (Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme); CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) or according to the WRI-WBCSD GHG Protocol? If you have your data independently verified by Lucideon you can use the Carbon Footprint verification mark.


Sustainability/Environmental Reports are fast becoming the norm. Verification proves to your stakeholders that your data is accurate and credible – and allows you to receive the Sustainability Assurance Mark. This mark is also used for those organisations who successfully achieve verification of their water consumption and waste utilisation.


Operators with a certified management system can add the Lucideon logo as further evidence of what they have. Note that the UKAS logo covering the management system will already have been provided as part of the contract.


Lucideon clients are encouraged to use their assurance marks. Underpinning these is a detailed Verification or Assurance Statement but the marks enable companies and organisations to achieve good publicity over their environmental/sustainability practices. Marks can be used on company literature, websites and signage.

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