CICS Talks at Energy Management 2013 in Ireland

CICS’ Ann-Marie Cornall recently talked about ISO 50001, ISO 14064-1 & PAS 2050 at the workshop day for large energy users held at Kilcoran Lodge Hotel, near Cahir.

Organised by Casey Technology, specialists in carbon and energy management, the workshop focused on providing practical information on how to deal with the challenge of delivering low carbon production.

Topics covered included ECO Labelling by Katherine Casey, Energy in Transport by Conor Molloy Carbon Neutral Production by Duncan O’Toole, financial assistance in Ireland towards the cost of implementing ISO 50001 and compiling feasibility studies and capital projects (Tom Lowry and Paddy Sweeney).

Ann-Marie’s presentation, “The Ultimate Swiss Army Knife”, explored the use of the three internationally recognised standards that organisations employ to tackle different aspects of energy management. Ann-Marie discussed how the standards form a successful streamlined tool to provide evidence of environmental credentials, a foundation for current and future product/organisational reporting demands and a way of managing energy consumption.The standards have been designed to set out the best practices in resource management.

The main focus of the presentation was ISO 50001.  ISO Secretary-General Rob Steele has summed up the benefits of this standard by stating that “Individual organisations cannot control energy prices, government policies or the global economy, but they can improve the way they manage energy in the here and now. Improved energy performance can provide rapid benefits for an organisation by maximising the use of its energy sources and energy-related assets, thus reducing both energy cost and consumption.”

Ann-Marie says:

“What we are hearing from those companies that have implemented ISO 50001, and similarly for ISO 14064-1 and PAS2050, is that this standard is having an impact in terms of energy saving. By managing resources, performance can be continuously monitored and improved, resulting in reduced usage, costs reduction and a signalling to stakeholders that an organisation is committed to the environment.

“A lot of our clients are moving above and beyond the scope and boundaries which they must comply with and are extending their data collection to other areas for use in voluntary standards, such as carbon footprinting and ISO 50001.”

Ann-Marie has recently been elected by EAUC onto the Member Advisory Council. To see our dedicated HE/FE webpage click here.

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