Lucideon Provides Independent Verification for SSC’s PAS 2050 Certification

Structural Science Composites Limited (SSC) is based in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, and positions itself as a clear market leader in the composite cover industry.

Seeking not only to meet standard environmental laws and regulations, the company also continues to search for new techniques and approaches that enable them to maintain the reputation as the market leader environmentally, economically, and socially within the composite cover industry.

The Challenge

In 2009, SSC worked with the Carbon Trust to complete a product carbon footprint or Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) from cradle to gate for its generic manhole cover. To add credibility to their LCA and to show commitment to their emissions monitoring, the company applied to be certified against the new life cycle analysis carbon footprint standard, PAS 2050.

What We Delivered

As one of only four accredited bodies approved by UKAS to certify PAS 2050 carbon footprints, Lucideon (formally known as CICS) provided independent verification of SSC's emissions data. All emissions associated with the product manufacture, related processes and raw materials were verified by Lucideon' experienced auditors. As well as taking a detailed audit of all energy use on site, they also assessed incoming purchase records and transportation logs and interrogated production records.

Value to Structural Science Composites

Following Lucideons' verification audit, SCC achieved official certification of PAS 2050 in April 2010. Certification to the world's leading lifecycle analysis carbon footprinting standard allows SSC to assure their customers that all the company's products have a positive impact on public carbon footprints and their own environmental statements. Achieving the standard has also allowed the company to focus on where its product carbon footprint can be reduced, highlighting its commitment to ongoing improvement and reduction.

"It's important to avoid ‘Greenwash'. Any company can measure and report a carbon footprint, but having the footprint independently verified gives credibility to the numbers and gives our customers the confidence that we are reporting correct emissions figures and are working hard to reduce our product carbon footprint."

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