ISO 50001 ‘Lite’ Assessment

ISO 50001 is quickly gaining momentum as the latest “must have” management system and in some sectors there is a race for the prize of certification. For others at the very start of the path to implementation and certification, however, the full rigour of a management system can be daunting.

Following requests from clients, we are now offering an ISO 50001 ‘Lite’ Assessment, a service which offers a robust assessment against the principles of the ISO 50001 standard but without the full commitment of a full accredited assessment. You can then use the assessment as a pre-cursor to full certification in the future or, if the ‘Lite’ assessment meets your requirements, end the process there – it’s really up to you. Some organizations need the full certification “badge” to demonstrate to stakeholders they have reached the required standard, perhaps for procurement or marketing purposes. For others it is the internal benefits from an ISO 50001 system that are needed (energy savings) and the ‘Lite’ assessment can bring all these.

The ‘Lite’ assessment can be a traditional “gap analysis” with a useful output of the necessary steps that would be needed for a full certification. Alternatively, it can be tailored to concentrate on specific parts of the standard that are most relevant to your organization.

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