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Polymer Characterization & Testing

We provide a comprehensive range of polymer consultancy, characterization and testing services.

Polymers play a pivotal role in many segments of the aerospace industry. Used on their own, in their monolithic form, or as the matrix that reinforces a composite, polymers are instrumental in the success of a product.

Some organizations rely on suppliers to provide recommendations as to what materials to use; this approach is fraught with bias. As an independent third-party laboratory, Lucideon can provide material recommendations to which ever supplier provides the best product for your application.

Many fiber reinforced thermoset and thermoplastic composites have been used in aerospace applications for decades. Using what is commercially available is the preferred approach of many companies. Through testing and characterization, Lucideon can ensure that materials meet specification requirements. For other companies, tweaking a material is required to get the most out of it. Lucideon’s team of experts, can work with clients to develop a solution that is optimized within individual constraints.

We Have the Expertise to:

  • Develop new products
  • Diagnose polymer failures
  • Recommend the correct polymers for your applications
  • Provide processing recommendations
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Provide polymer analysis and testing.

Innovation is the key to future growth and profitability - our polymer experts help clients create novel products that differentiate them from competitors.

Characterization & Analysis

You often want to know more about the polymer you are working with or have specified - that's where our materials characterization team comes in.

Using our state-of-the-art analytical capabilities, combined with our materials expertise, we offer chemical, physical, microscopy, surface and bulk mechanical, and fracture mechanics analysis to:

  • Characterize polymers
  • Evaluate polymer properties
  • Examine the surfaces of polymers
  • Identify contaminants
  • Provide a raw material assay
  • Validate cleanliness
  • Evaluate off-gassing
  • Assess leachability/toxicity
  • Provide ongoing QA/QC
  • Predict shelf-life
  • Determine ageing.

Why Choose Lucideon?

  • Our multi-industry experience with polymers along with our wide-ranging knowledge of ceramics, glasses and metals. We know how polymers work with and interact with other materials.
  • Advanced facilities and experts under one roof – meaning that you don't have to use several different suppliers.
  • Our agility and ability to adapt. Not every test or requirement is standardized - you need a company who understands the background and theory behind the test to get solutions and meaningful results.

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