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Failure Analysis - What Engineers Need to Know

Webinar Recording

Presented by Sara Randall, Senior Materials Engineer, the webinar describes the general processes applied to a typical failure analysis of a metal component.

At Lucideon we receive failed metal components from various sources on a daily basis; from engineers who were in direct contact with the failure, to litigators who have never even seen the failed components.  Often the metal components are damaged, mishandled or even contaminated prior to delivery.  This can significantly hinder the failure analysis process resulting in longer analysis times, higher analysis cost and even inconclusive and clouded results.

This webinar:
  • Describes the steps that should be taken by an engineer in charge to handle a failure properly and deliver a complete package to the laboratory so that an effective and complete root cause investigation can be applied
  • Covers the procedures to properly extract the failed component and package it for shipment will be covered
  • Discusses the appropriate information and documentation associated with the failure that should be provided along with the component to facilitate the failure analysis
  • Describes examples and case studies to illustrate the proper procedures that are typically applied to a failure analysis of a metal component.

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