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Additive Manufacturing of Metallic Components - The Metallurgical Perspective

Webinar Recording

Presented by Julius Bonini, the webinar covers Metal Additive Manufacturing, Various Methods and Equipment, E Beam vs. Laser Melting Methods, Powder Bed vs Deposition Methods & Available Metal Systems.

While Additive Manufacturing is growing in popularity, challenges with this revolutionary processing method continue:  quality and performance must be ensured, production grade materials must be sourced and productivity must be increased. 

This webinar covers:
  • Introduction to Metal Additive Manufacturing:
    • Various methods and equipment
    • E Beam vs. Laser Melting methods
    • Powder Bed vs Deposition methods
    • Available metal systems.
  • Metallurgical aspects of the three stages of AM processing:
    • Pre-processing: powder issues
    • Processing: issues with powder fusion
    • Post-processing: heat treatment, surface treatments and HIPing.
  • Typical component applications:
    • Advantages and disadvantages
    • Comparison of microstructures to conventional fabrication methods
    • General metallurgical problems seen.
  • Available standards:
    • Currently limited but growing
    • ASTM & ISO
    • Validation & testing.
  • Future trends:
    • Continuing development & research.
This webinar recording will be of interest to manufacturers who:
  • are looking to increase productivity of their AM process
  • are experiencing problems with AM
  • want to optimize processing and performance
  • want to develop the next generation of products using AM
  • want to implement AM into their manufacturing processes.

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