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Kevin Shoemaker

Expertise in: Digital photography, audio visual presentation, photomicroscopy, photomacrography, image analysis

Specialist, Imaging & Analysis

Kevin has over 23 years of photographic experience and leads all general photography, photomicroscopy, photomacrography and Image Analysis operations as well as assisting with the SEM and metallography services at our Schenectady, NY facility.

Kevin Shoemaker

He leads the 2nd-shift operations and assists all departments in monitoring and maintaining round-the-clock testing services for our customers. In his 15 years with The M&P Lab, Kevin led the transition from traditional silver halide film and chemical photographic processes to state of art digital imaging. He created sophisticated studio facilities in our Schenectady and Greenville locations to accommodate a large variety of specimen shapes and sizes and supports a wide range of imaging techniques. A former Argonne National Laboratory employee, Kevin relocated from Chicago to join Lucideon in the early 1990s.

Kevin earned an A.A.S. in Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology and holds a B.S. in Imaging and Photographic Technology, a training program dedicated to using photography and imaging systems as tools for technical and scientific documentation and data acquisition for image analysis. He has worked in all areas of the photographic industry, including commercial illustration, fashion, architectural, industrial, public relations, photofinishing and scientific research.

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